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Welcome to "The" American Putter Company! 

(GOLD) CUSTOM APC Oak Dale in Red & Black Battle Worn Finish: Carbon or Stainless (Right or Left Hand)


The American Putter Company is proud to offer, the Oak Dale Model in a Right or Left Hand Putter with Weld Neck in Red & Black Battle Worn Finish! 

At the bottom of this listing you can select all the options you want with this finish! Customize it how you like and in about 4-6 weeks have it delivered the way you ordered it! 

If you dont want to customize your putter, head on over to the bronze putter line and select a few options, including this finish! 

Please take some time to view our "Inspiration Gallery" to Understand our APC engraving options. With Grips and Headcover options, please see Accessories & Headcovers sections to see the headcover or grip you would like and make the selection below. Its all here and ready to be selected by you!


  • Please See Below, All the different areas to you can customize.
  • Choose from 303 Stainless or 1018 Carbon! 
  • Email us any questions. 
  • Head Weight: 352-358 Grams (depending on how much engraving)
  • Loft: 3.5
  • Lie: 70
  • Each will come with a Unique COA # for you order
  • Any Change Orders will have a $50 Charge. 
  • All orders are considered final once order is placed. 
  • Since this is a Special Finish no extra paint needed. 


This finish is not a plate, as any finishes on any other putter that is not plated,  it will wear over time dependent on how much use and the abuse you put on it. It still will look great for years to come if taken care of properly. Be sure to protect your finish with one of our oil rags. Steel will Rust! But our oil rags will help protect this finish for years to come

Each of our finishes are unique and hand done. There will be a little variation from one to the other but not much. 

Absolutely ZERO Photoshop edits were made to these pictures of the putter. 

A portion of all sales will be donated to the AIM at Melanoma Foundation!


What Metal Would You Like Your APC Putter to Be Made From
What Putter Orientation Would do you Prefer?
What Length Do You want Your Putter
What Design Do You Want On the Outside of the Neck on the Putter
What Design Do You Want On the Inside of the Neck on the Putter
What Text Do You Want on the Left & Right Bumpers?
Please Keep it to 5 Characters
What Engraving Would You Like in the Back Cavity?
What Milling Pattern would you Like for Your Putter?
What Icon Do You Want for the Heel or Face
Do you want any Engraving on the Front Toe?

What Shaft Color Would You Like?
What Grip Do you want for your putter?
Any Comments or Text Placement Please let us know by leaving a comment.
What Headcover would you Like?

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