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American Putter Company Over Engineered Oil Cloth

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American Putter Company's Oil Cloths are simply the best in our opinion!

Much larger then others!

They are designed protect you APC Putters!

Carbon steel is susceptible to oxidation and rusting if left to the elements. To preserve the finish of your putter, APC asks you to follow a few simple steps!

  • Always dry your putter after play with a soft, lint-free cloth. After wipe your putter with a APC Oil Cloth.
  • Always store your putter in a dry headcover.
  • Never leave your putter damp or wet.
  • Avoid leaving your putter in extremely hot or cold environments.
  • Stainless Steel putters are extremely durable and should not rust under most circumstances. However, if left wet, nearly every type of steel can rust. Simply wiping your putter down after each round will ensure that it will be around for your grandkids.

Oil cloth is made from 100% soft cotton flannel and our silicone treatment is non-toxic, odorless and safe to handle.  We do not use any volatile or toxic chemicals.

Cloth dimensions are 11" X 15"  (165 sq. in.)


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