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APC St. Patrick’s Day 1/50 Clover Ball Marker: Copper or Stainless with Black Emerald, Crushed Opals

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Limited Release at American Putter Company

For St. Patrick’s Day this four leaf clover shaped ball marker is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and bring some luck to the course all year round.

  • Only 50 made from Pure Copper and Only 50 made from 303 Stainless
    • Only 100 Made Total
  • All are inset with Black Emerald, Crushed Opals on the front
  • APC registered trademark logo on the back
  • Approximately 1.25 in diameter 
  • Each come with Individually numbered COAs
  • Are you feeling lucky? 10 Copper and 10 Stainless ball markers will GLOW!
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