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Welcome to "The" American Putter Company! 

American Putter Company 2021 Major Divot Tool 2.0: Pure Copper with Titanium Damascus Insert

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The American Putter Company is proud to offer the APC Divot tool 2.0!

The American Putter Company 2021 Major 1 Divot Tool has a limited run of only 25 which will be made on demand and will ship within 10 business days of order. This Copper and Titanium Damascus divot tool will be retired once sold out. 


Additionally we will also offer customization! Up to 6 characters across the front in place of the APC. There will be a small upcharge for Programming but will also ship within the 10 Business Days from order. Only 10 will be available with custom text. The Custom Divot Tools will have "American Putter Company" engraved on the back. See pictures for reference. 


  • Made From Pure C110 Copper and will Patina over time. 
  • Titanium Damascus Inserts patterns will vary and all have amazing Patterns


Please keep it clean. We reserve the right to reject derogatory saying or slander.  

Each are compact in size and not too bulky (3" x 1") . Sure to get the job done! Stick it in the ground to keep your grips / cigars from touching the ground!

Please allow for 10 Business Days for shipment as these are made to order.